Jonathan Begley

November 16, 2009

The Importance of Quality Education

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A quality educational system is the absolute foundation of any strong, diverse, and successful economy.  Workforce is a key factor in any business decision, especially one involving relocation.  Who would possibly want to move their business, their source of prosperity to an area that can’t support it with the necessary knowledge and skills to manuever through the fast paced world which we live in. 

Here in Nevada one of the main incentives that economic development professionals use to attract business is the business friendly tax structure.  The numbers look good, there is no doubt.  But, will this incentive be enough to bring highly successful businesses to the state who can make Nevada competitive worldwide?  There are many factors that influence these major business decisions.  I believe that the most important factor is that of quality education.  What good are tax incentives if a business can not find the quality workforce with the skills and knowledge to remain competitive in highly skilled markets?

Nevada was one of the first states into this recession, and I believe will be one of the last, if not the last state out of the recession.  In order for this state to succeed, we must focus on the youth that are here and not worry so much about bringing people from California.  We should cease teaching our students for the tests, and teach them how to think critically, make decisions, and to be leaders for this nation.  Our school system is poor at best.  I know that we have quality teachers who get results from their students.  We should be rewarding this effort, encouraging all teachers to go above and beyond for our children.  But, I also believe that we should be careful not to only measure success by test scores.  Success in the future will be made by those young people who can embrace the power of today’s technology while also enhancing our father’s work ethic and perseverance.


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