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December 8, 2009


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December seems to be the month of goal setting. I’ve read more blogs over the last week about goals than I care to acknowledge. Yet whenever I come across another goal post I find myself reading it. I typically avoid New Year’s resolutions. I believe that goal setting should be something done constantly, not once a year because the calendar changes. So why do I continue to read about other’s goals, about other’s review of 2009?

Goals help me focus my energy. They help me measure success. They give me the strength to persevere when confronted with unforeseen challenges. Goal setting goes hand in hand with success in any area of life; home, family, career, friendships, hobbies. Whenever I do set a concrete goal, I find that I usually reach it. Yes, I have experienced failure in reaching some goals, but its these times in life when I feel that I learn the most.

2009 was a good year. I’ll leave it at that. 2010 will be one to remember because I am committed to making this year special. This is the year when I reach a major milestone, fatherhood. All my life I have wanted to be a father, and thinking back I have always had a certain “man” in mind. Happy, loving, devoted, spiritual and active are just a few traits. How will I become this man if I do not consciously make the effort each day? Below are my goals for the coming year, in no particular order.  So here’s to goal setting!

1. Running. With no money for gym memberships, what better way to stay active than running. And what better dog is there than mine to run me. I will participate in two competitive events at least 10K in length with the ultimate goal of running a marathon.

2. Writing. I am enjoying this blogging experience. I know that I will benefit from it. The more I write the better writer I will be. Who knows, maybe someone will enjoy reading my posts!

3. Reading. My goal is to read two books a month at the very least. Libraries are wonderful places and I don’t need $15 to find a book I will enjoy.

4. Work. 8 hours a day. I will take a lunch break everyday for an entire hour. I will practice public speaking whenever possible, sharing my ideas and opinions no matter whose listening.

5. Service. It is obvious that this is a gift that has been given to me. I will find ways to serve my community, no matter how big or small.

6. Finances. I will provide for my family. Stick to the budget and continue to knock down our debt. We’re so close! The baby deserves a family with freedom from debt.

7. Friends. Interact with at least one friend a week. Whether its coffee, lunch, hitting golf balls, or watching a game. Give more of myself to others.

8. My Family. Give my wife and child 100%. I will be the happy and loving father and husband that they deserve. I will help my wife in her transition to motherhood by being there and making an honest effort to listen (with eye contact).  In order to be 100% I can’t and shouldn’t drink alcohol. 

9. Other Family. I will call my parents at least one time per month and email them once a week. I will also make frequent contact with both brothers. Do something to help Mandy feel welcome and proud to be in our family.

10. God. I will continue to seek His will for my life. I will continue to seek to know Him more. I will lead my family to serve the Lord. I will give myself to the Lord daily.

This will start now, not on January 1.  Good luck to me and to all those out there who are choosing to make changes in the months and years to come!


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