Jonathan Begley

December 11, 2009


Filed under: Attitude,Development,Public Speaking — jonathanbegley @ 4:10 pm

“Just picture everyone in their underwear.”

Maybe it’s my complete lack of imagination but this public speaking trick never quite worked for me. I have found however that there is much truth to the saying. The key to public speaking is to find the humor in the situation. There is always something to laugh about.

When you are able to find the humor in the situation everything else just does not seem all that important. Even if it is the “biggest” or “most important” talk you have ever given, why treat it as such while on the stage? If it truly is an event of this magnitude, you should be prepared. If not you will suffer the consequences for this lack of preparation.

So there you are, about to go on stage after weeks of preparation. Your mindset when you walk on stage will dictate how your performance will be. Are you tense, thinking about every detail, every possible question? Or are you relaxed, confident, and ready to make a great impression? Nerves are bound to be there but a relaxed body and mind will help you keep a clear mind that can quickly process information when confronted with the unexpected.

What better way to relax than to laugh? Think about the reality of the situation. Is this really that big of a deal? Are people actually listening? And who really cares what they have to say? Whether it’s looking for those comical moments, thinking of a joke you can tell to start things off, or picturing everyone in their underwear, humor is the key to success in public speaking.


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