Jonathan Begley

December 22, 2009


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How exactly is my saying “Merry Christmas” forcing my beliefs onto others?  Why is it inappropriate for me to say something because of the way it makes you feel?   I really don’t understand why someone would be offended when I say “Merry Christmas.” When others respond to me with “Happy Holidays” or Happy Hanukah” or “Happy Kwanzaa” I am not offended, and I definitely don’t feel as if that person is forcing their beliefs on me.

It would be inappropriate if I responded to your “Happy Holidays” with “you’re going to hell.”  But I have never heard this answer.  Furthermore, when someone says to me “Happy Hanukah” I would more than likely respond to them with “Happy Hanukah” not because I am Jewish but because it is respectful and kind. It is in the “spirit of the season.”

 It is obvious that we are all celebrating the season.  Lights, music, Christmas trees, all of which were not present when Jesus was born in the inn.  I won’t object to Christmas trees, reindeer, or Santa because it is fun and because people enjoy it.   I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe that we are celebrating His coming. You may not. It is not my responsibility to make sure that you are okay with the word Christmas.

The office can be a stressful place anyways.  Why not accept one another?  Imagine a December of acceptance and tolerance.  Imagine a season of giving, no matter who our neighbor happens to be.  Merry Christmas!


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