Jonathan Begley

July 15, 2010


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Check out this article from CNBC:

Obviously, Nevada’s approach to bring in quality business by decreasing the tax burden on employers isn’t quite working out.  We are drowing in debt and are facing enormous cutbacks all across the state due to our state and local governments lack of attention and plain irresponsibility. 

A corporate tax is a must.  No, it’s not politically popular.  It’s a tough stance to take, and small businesses will be effected.  The fact is, Nevada will become somewhat of a “third-world state” if something isn’t done.  Those small businesses won’t matter anyway if our state can’t educate a workforce capable of surviving the 21st century.

For decades now, education has been a low priority.  Why would we need an educated, skilled workforce if all they need to do is work in casinos?  Cook the food, clean the rooms, deal the cards, and if you don’t like it, we can find thousands of other qualified candidates.  I don’t think Nevada will ever have an educational system that compares with states like California and Texas; but the one in Nevada now is pathetic.  The college graduates and others with advanced degrees that do come out of the states two universities leave because Nevada is not the “land of opportunity.”

Education shouldn’t be funded solely by business.  It’s a community, statewide effort.  We need to change the culture of Nevada to a state that values education.  We need to be a state that is unified toward a common goal.  And this all starts at the top.  Harry Reid has been a leader of this state for decades, and he finds himself in the race of his life with a second rate candidate.  He’s able to raise 19.2 million dollars for his own self-promotion.  Just think if he put those talents and resources into changing the culture of this state, leading by example, and focusing on Nevada more than Washington.

As a young professinal and young parent, why on earth would I want to stay in this state.  Economy is the worst in the nation.  Education, also the worst.  People are losing their jobs, losing their homes, and there is no hope in sight.  I have my future ahead of me.  I have a family to think about.  I am not the only one ready to pack up and leave this state to become a wasteland.


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