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December 4, 2009


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Not until just recently have I considered social media as an opportunity for success in my life and career.  I stumbled upon a class at the local extended studies program at the local university.  The class, entitled “Google is Your New Business Card” was taught by Dr. Bret Simmons and Ronele Klingensmith.  Dr. Bret is the MBA professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

I immediately noticed upon walking into the classroom the different traits and personalities of my fellow students.  I was probably the youngest person in the room (late 20’s).  There were several older folks, an MBA graduate, bankers, yoga instructors, business professionals, realtors, among others.  You might expect that I, being the youngest, was the most comfortable with computers and social media.  If you guessed this you would be wrong. I guess I am somewhat of an anomaly compared to others my age.

Social media has never, until now, really appealed to me.  I had a Facebook account, but wasn’t very active.  I enjoyed seeing people from my past at first, but I have also realized that I have moved on and could honestly care less who is playing what farm game or mafia wars.  It seemed like a giant waste of time.

Dr. Bret described two different types of people on Twitter, and I think it goes for social media in general, the informers and the ME-formers.  This I have found to be 100% true.  Each day I explore social media a little more and realize that there is a vast amount of knowledge to be obtained from hearing people’s thoughts, reading other’s blogs, and just by interacting with other like minded people.  This “informer” truth is something that I feel most people are unaware of.  Most don’t see the benefit of social media.

I honestly now believe that social media, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs (and countless others I learned about) not only can be a fast and efficient method of marketing yourself, but can be an incredible method of self-improvement.  Follow and learn from the experts in the areas you’re interested in.  Brand yourself, show your value. 

It is impossible for me to invision a world five or ten years from now that does not have some advanced form of social media on the internet.  If you are like I was, a skeptic, who is unsure if you can really use these mediums effectively, just jump in.  There is a learning curve for everyone.  These sites are designed to be as simple or as detailed as you want

Why do you not use social media websites?  Or if you do, what do you find to be the most important benefit of this new way of communication?


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